Who We Are

Tattoo Punks is a global community made up by those who share the same passion for punk and tattoo cultures. What was once created to connect like-minded individuals has since become a entire community of its own.

Tattoo Punks began as a Instagram page by curator Josh Howard May 15th 2015. After years of meeting punks who were tattooers Josh wanted to create a platform for those individuals and liked minded individuals to share their work and meet one another.

With an outpouring amount of support for the page and a growing community, Josh felt more needed to happen. In 2016 the idea to create a book from the community was born. In early 2017 the process to create Tattoo Punks Volume 1 began. Reaching out to punk tattooers around the world to place their art on the same pages as each to lock them into physical history as the first book of its kind within their cultures.

The goal of Tattoo Punks has always been about connecting those of like minds. With TattooPunks.com we hope to make a home for all of the Tattoo Punks community. Bringing people together to share their art and passion. We hope to fill the gap between tattoo and punk in as many ways possible. This is Tattoo Punks